Saturday, September 23, 2017

[random eats] Menya Musashi + House of Dim Sum + LeNu

I met up with Meryl for a dinner date at Menya Musashi which is located at Raffles City Shopping Centre. I decided to take this meet-up opportunity to celebrate her birthday with her. We had a delightful dinner and I always enjoy her companionship! We have so much to catch up on every time we meet each other!

Thanks for the lovely goodies from Japan! Thanks so much for remembering to bring me my favorite drink whenever you are on flight-duty to Japan. 

Thanks Rinajy for getting me the wafer snacks during her trip to Melbourne, Australia. 

Nowadays, I spend most of my weekends at Baby's apartment, and I had our usual Sunday brekkie with Baby and Auntie Vi. This time, we went to House of Dim Sum which is located at one of the coffee shops in AMK. We ordered the usual dim sum items, and they tasted pretty good! I enjoyed the dim sum meal very much. 

In the evening, we had zi char fare for dinner at one of the re-visited eatery places in Woodlands. I ordered my favorite 'cai poh' Tofu again as I really love it very much! The damage was pretty decent, and I can say that this eatery place is really value for money! 

Baby and I meet up for dinner almost every day after work, and recently we settled again for a meal at LeNu, a Taiwanese Beef Noodle joint which is located at VivoCity.

We started off with Chilled Silken Cold Tofu with Century Egg, and we love this appetiser very much! We also had Fried Beancurd Skin to go along our mains! The damage was about SGD35-ish, and thanks Baby for the treat! 

I end my post with Auntie Vi's homemade Taiyaki! It tasted good, and I savored every bit of it. It is a great dessert to end my weekends!

Oh ya! I almost forget this... Do remember to redeem your sample sachet of the Japanese Matcha Tea Mask at any outlets of The Body Shop. The redemption ends on 20th September 2017. 

Thanks for stopping by my humble space! 

Thursday, September 21, 2017

[press call + gala opening night] West Side Story

The 'West Side Story' is described as 'Broadway's Greatest Dance Musical', and it is inspired by Shakespeare's tragic love story, Romeo and Juliet. This dance musical received wild acclaim during their sold-out Seasons around the world which include London, Sydney and Tokyo.

The 'West Side Story' is a musical about gangsters in the 1950's, and is beautifully mounted and filled with love, romance as well as raw emotions. The story is set in the 1950s in New York between 2 rival gangs, The 'Sharks' from Puerto Rico, and The 'Jets', a white American gang. An impossible and forbidden love occurs between Maria, the sister of the leader of the 'Sharks', and Tony, an ex member of the 'Jets'.
'West Side Story' is definitely of the world's greatest musicals for the simple reason that no one ever forgets their first time seeing this iconic show!
I was immersed by their astounding vocal range on classic songs such as 'Maria', 'Tonight' and 'America'. I was also completely swept up by the iconic scene when Tony climbed up the Balcony to meet Maria, as the two professed their love for each other.

Tony and Maria are so in love with each other that it was painful to see them end up in a tragic and bitter-sweet ending! Nevertheless, I had a great evening night of entertainment from this timeless American classic. The choreography and dancing was beautiful, and I'm sure most of the audience at the show was captivated by it! Thanks for the invite, Base Entertainment Asia and Sliding Doors Entertainment.
The 'West Side Story' is now playing for a limited season till the 30th September 2017 at The MASTERCARD Theatre, MARINA BAY SANDS.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

[random events] DRUM TAO 2017 + Gabrielle Chanel Premiere Event + Pangdemonium's fundraising concert, THE JAM

Thanks MECLUBSG, for the Cat 1 tickets to DRUM TAO 2017! This performance was at the MES Theatre at MediaCorp. I was wowed by the wonderful Taiko Drum performance. I love the choreography and the stunning costumes worn by the performers! I enjoyed every bit of the show!

Baby and I visited the Gabrielle Chanel Premiere Event which was held at the School of the Arts (SOTA). We embarked on an immersive journey into the world of Gabrielle Chanel. 
The latest Gabrielle Chanel Parfum is defined as an 'Abstract Floral'. Thanks for showcasing the latest fragrance from Chanel during the premiere event in Singapore. 

As a fan of DBS Sparks, I was invited to the Pangdemonium's fundraising concert, THE JAM which was held at the Esplanade Concert Hall. Nathan Hartono, Benjamin Kheng, Inch Chua, Andrew Marko and Tabitha Nauser were the performers for the night! 

The opening and closing speech was done by Adrian Pang.

After the concert ended, we were able to meet 'n' greet the singers/performers. We took many random group photos with them! 

Thanks DBS Bank for the tickets and I enjoyed the concert very much, but most importantly, I got to catch up with some friends whom I've not met in a long time. I always cherish the bonding time that we have! 

I missed the unique Nasi Lemak Burger from McDonald's which was first introduced in July. Response was so overwhelming island-wide that it was sold out within 2 weeks!
Recently, McDonald's brought back the Nasi Lemak Burger due to popular demand, and I finally tried it myself at the Admiralty MRT outlet. The burger comes with coconut-flavored fried chicken patty, fried egg, caramelised onion, cucumber slices and topped with generous sweet sambal Chili. 
Although it tasted pretty good and does taste like 'Nasi Lemak', it could never replace a real plate of Nasi Lemak as it lacks the core ingredient of rice! 

Lastly, I end my post with a simple meal at Kim Gary Hong Kong Restaurant with my Baby on a random weekday after-work dinner. The damage was about SGD30 after a member's discount of 10%! Thanks Baby for the TLC to soothe my rough day at work! 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

[service review] My first Eyelash Extensions experience by The Best Beauty Centre

Recently, I was introduced to visit 'The Best Beauty Centre', a neighbourhood beauty parlour through the recommendation from Alethea. I was delighted to be invited to do a service review on Eyelash Extensions.
The Best Beauty Centre has a few branches island-wide, and I opted for the outlet at Toa Payoh for my review session. It is located within the bus interchange or literally above the MRT Station. 

I'm quite EXCITED to share on my experience, as it was my FIRST TIME doing eyelash extensions! It was very good and I was impressed by the results!
After accepting the invitation, I pondered to myself on various questions I had about the procedure. Some of you dear readers may have the same sceptical feelings as I did, as thoughts of 'Will this procedure hurt? Is the process painful or will there be any side effects?' entered my mind. One thing that gave me the determination to go ahead and try this was getting feedback from friends who have received such treatment before. Their eyes looked much bigger and their lashes looked natural too. This therefore gave me the courage to accept and go head with this treatment!
I am very happy that I had made the right choice as The Best Beauty Centre led me to a beautiful world of eyelash extensions. Alright, I apologize for digressing, it's time to go into the review and my experience on eyelash extensions...
I was nervous upon arriving at the place, but Alicia, the eyelash beautician was very experienced in this industry. She made me feel at ease, and I appreciated it very much. I opted for an extension by using natural lashes, so she had to do a lash by lash extension.
This treatment required a lot of patience from the beautician as she glued up the lashes strand by strand. It only took her 35 minutes to complete the process, and it was painless throughout the whole procedure. I spent another 15 minutes to dry up the lash glue by holding a hand-held fan to speed up the process. (Do note that if the glue is yet to dry, you might have a sticky/stinging feeling if you open your eyes!)

The lashes weigh lesser than false lashes, but they look more natural as compared to when wearing false lashes! I received compliments from my colleagues that they couldn't really tell that I had done eyelash extensions, as it looked like my eyelashes really curled up! That definitely made my day at work!
For people who are still thinking if they should go for an eyelash extension, I would advise you to give it a try as the results really do make you look more beautiful! However, do remember to only approach a trusted beautician or reputable place! Lastly, to maintain or prolong the lifespan of the lashes up to 1-1.5 months, taking good care of the lashes is essential! Don't go swimming or try not to perform any activity that may affect the eyelashes!
Thanks so much to 'The Best Beauty Centre' for the wonderful service rendered to me. I highly recommend coming here to try, and this has given me a new beauty option in life! Now, it is definitely under my 'Beauty' to do list, and I trust them to make my eyes look bigger and more beautiful!

*** BONUS ***
Contact The Best Beauty Centre and quote under ‘BLOGGER REFERAL’ to enjoy the special price of just SGD20!
This promotion is only applicable for FIRST TIME customers
A week has passed, and I still adore my lashes, as they look very natural and beautiful!

 Visit for more information!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

F&N partners HPB to build a healthier Singapore

F&N's Food and Beverages keeps their promises of the best quality products to consumers by adhering to their corporate philosophy of 'Pure Enjoyment, Pure Goodness'!

F&N has been a trusted brand for many generations, and now they offer an even wider range of products which has been certified ‘Healthier Choice’ by the Health Promotion Board (HPB) to make living healthier an easy choice. F&N believes that a healthy and active lifestyle coupled with the right choices of food makes a perfect combination!

Recently, F&N has been partnering with the Health Promotion Board (HPB) in their continuing efforts to instil healthy living in Singaporeans. This year, F&N is the platinum partner for HPB’s Eat, Drink, Shop Healthy Challenge.

F&N have embarked on a continuous journey to reduce the sugar content in their products. As a pioneer, they introduced healthier categories for beverages such as bottled water,isotonic drinks and tea. They also have Asian drinks such as Soya Bean Milk, which has been made into a healthier option by introducing sugar free/reduced sugar/no sugar added low fat variants into the market. The Health Promotion Board has been endorsing these products as healthier! The portfolio includes beverage and dairy brands 100PLUS, ICE MOUNTAIN, COCO LIFE, SEASONS, MAGNOLIA, NUTRISOY, NUTRIWELL, and FRUIT TREE FRESH.

F&N continue to deliver great tasting product offerings that fulfil Singaporeans’ aspiration to live healthy. Now, we can enjoy F&N SEASONS Ice Lemon Tea with no guilt, as they have introduced a new formula by reducing on their sugar content in order to cater to people who are watching their diets!

Thanks for the healthy media drop, as living a healthy life is not just about looking good but also feeling good at the same time! Healthy habits can improve your moods and boost energy levels.

Friday, September 15, 2017

[service review] Hair Spa at LE HAIR SPA

Together with Sweetie, we were invited for the opening of LE HAIR SPA in August, and I was very happy to be part of a group to do a service review of the new hair parlor! It is located along Bukit Timah Road, and it is within walking distance from Little India MRT Station.
Upon entering the salon, I was greeted by an elegant and royal setting! The Chesterfield couch looked comfortable and it will give one a relaxing vibe, and to prepare for the upcoming pampering session!

Like other hair salons, they have the usual basic/regular hair services such as cutting, coloring, perming, and re-bonding.

Sweetie and I were there to try a basic 60-minute Hair Spa (SGD50) which included a massage, hair washing, and scalp treatment.
  With an additional of SGD25, you can enjoy the 90-minute Luxury Hair Spa Service (SGD75) which comes with a nail service, ear candling, massage and a hair wash. For a more luxurious indulgence, you can go for the ultimate experience of a 120-minute Ultimate Hair Spa Service (SGD200) where you can enjoy a full massage, a hair wash, and a facial for that all-round experience.

I love the spacious 2-storey hair parlor, which had excellent service! I love everything in the salon from the elegant staircase, chandelier lamps and even the private treatment rooms and enclosed shampoo rinse-off area.

Sweetie and I were given a couple-room for our hair treatment which was located on the second level of the hair parlor. We were then led to another level via a grand staircase, to where all the private rooms were located. There are no extra charges to request for private rooms so long as they are available.


The first 30 minutes of the treatment was purely massage. I was given a shoulder & back massage, head massage and hand & arm massage. The massage was great as it soothed my weariness and pressures from work. It was so comfortable that I almost fell asleep.
Next was the hair wash, they use quality salon grade haircare products by L’Oreal Professional. The hair wash process took a while due to my long hair. I was then led to a separate room to rinse off the shampoo. It was all worthwhile as my hair was well-cleansed and my scalp felt refreshed as well. 

They applied a few drops of L’oreal Professional Serioxyl Serum as part of the scalp treatment, specifically at the roots while my hair was still damp. They also slowly massaged hair growth formula into my scalp! The whole treatment came to an end after my hair was blow dried!
 I was happy to receive this product during the opening party, and with this product, one can perform a DIY Scalp Treatment at home too! Thanks LE HAIR SPA!
Our hair spa treatment took about 75 minutes, although the treatment was claimed as 60 minutes. I was actually happy that they took their time to ensure each step was carefully done.

Thanks Rachel for invite, and congrats on the opening and may your business bloom! Check out their Facebook on their hair services!

If you're interested to indulge in a hair spa or to try other hair services at Le Hair Spa, do drop by to visit them.
87 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 229834