Monday, April 23, 2018

[FOOD REVIEW] Xian Mei Yong Tau Foo

Normally, in Singapore, Yong Tau Foo is ordered as a soup or dry version. However, due to the innovative and creative ideas from the owner of Xian Mei Yong Tau Foo, she has come up with Curry Laksa and Ma-La versions!

Apart from the traditional Yong Tau Foo, Xian Mei Yong Tau Foo also offers the Hakka version too! Each tofu cube, egg-plants and bitter gourd are deep fried nicely, and stuffed with delicious minced pork. I enjoyed eating the homemade Hakka Meatballs the best, as I love the crispy exterior and the delicious taste!

 The 5-pcs Yong Tau Foo + Noodles/Rice (SGD 3.60) is a pretty reasonable price. What I loved best was the 5-pcs Yong Tau Foo with Chee Cheong fun which costs only SGD3.80. It can be served in either curry gravy or paired with homemade chilli and sweet sauce. It is definitely a genuine traditional chee cheong fun recipe! 

Each ingredient is handmade from scratch every morning before the stall opens for business. This is because the owner wants to ensure that the customers consume only the freshest prepared items daily! It is obvious that the boss shows a passion in making every single piece of Yong Tau Foo!

At Xian Mei Yong Tau Foo, they offer a wide array of selections, as well as to make the ordering process as straight forward and simple as possible. You can choose as many Yong Tau Foo items as you like and place them in a bowl before passing it to the stall attendants, where you can choose either noodles or rice, and the way you want it prepared!

When I was there with my friends for the tasting, we were greeted by a long line, which is always a positive sign for good food! 

Each order was served in a super big bowl with a generous portion of ingredients. The curry laksa gravy was light and savory, and one will not have that 'jelak' feeling after eating! The freshly homemade chicken balls that came with this dish was very delicious and went well with the curry. 

In spite of the heat/weather, I still thoroughly enjoyed the experiences at Xian Mei Yong Tau Foo. All the food item selections available at Xian Mei Yong Tau Foo are rich in flavor and content. The food items at Xian Mei Yong Tau Foo are tastier and fresher as compared to other stalls which I have tried before. 

Xian Mei Yong Tau Foo
Block 504 Bishan Street 11, #01-04 Singapore 570504
Opening hours: Daily - 9am to 9:30pm 

Saturday, April 21, 2018

[surprise box] Lazada's Birthday Festival 2018

Lazada is celebrating their 6th Birthday Bash! During the Birthday Festival 2018, Lazada is showing their appreciation to all their loyal buyers by holding a shopping event with their brands of Surprise Boxes! This happy occasion will be taking place from the 24-26 April 2018! SO MARK YOUR CALENDARS AND JOIN IN THE CELEBRATIONS!

I am quite enamoured with convenient online shopping, as it provides e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g easily! One doesn't even need to step out of home! During the Birthday Festival 2018, everyone will surely be looking forward to this event, in order to enjoy amazing deals and huge discounts while shopping online with Lazada. All products will have discounts of up to 90% off, and there will be vouchers of up to SGD120! Lastly, do keep an eye out for one of the all-time favorite segments - FLASH DEALS!! Lazada will be offering an insane 600 Flash deals during this event too!

Lastly, do keep an eye out for one of my all-time favorite segments during Lazada's Birthday Festival 2018 - Brand Surprise Boxes. They are going at only SGD29, but the products inside the boxes are worth SGD100!! Do also look out for 4 exclusive premium beauty boxes that will be going for SGD50!

 A sneak peek of my Surprise Box and this will be a rough gauge on what you expect in your box too! In this box, there are multiple items inside with a value of SGD100, but I will only share upon 2 of the products in this post!

The Spa Warm Eye Masks with Lavender Scent from Watsons are self-heating eye masks. I love the packaging very much, as artsy or comical designs always attract me!

A few days ago, I tried the eye mask, and I totally loved it! The material is soft and comfortable for my eyes. The scent is not overpowering and the warmth is just right for me. A good product for people who have tired eyes!

The box also included Pure Beauty's 'The First Intense Treatment Essence'. It is formulated with enriched fermented yeast concentrate with 95.3% Galactomyces, containing amino acids, vitamins and enzymes for brightening and skin elasticity. Further, it is enriched with Bulgarian Rose for hydration purposes! It is also free of harmful paraben, lanolin and alcohol too! 

One of the ingredients, 'Galactomyces' are also found in other skincare products like SKII Essence as well. It is a key ingredient to achieve a dewy, flawless complexion!

From the 24-26th April 2018, the 1st 100 new customers of Lazada SG can enjoy an 18% discount off (capped at SGD6) if they key in the voucher code 'LAZPARTYNC6' upon checking out. 

Feel free to share my blog post with your family and friends to spread the word and share the love!  So, do stay tuned for Lazada SG's Birthday Festival 2018, and let's go for crazy shopping!

Friday, April 20, 2018

[random] Control-T Cleansing Foam + DrGL + Latulle Cafe + Osaka Ohsho

Recently, I brought Baby to Osaka Ohsho which is located at Raffles City Shopping Centre for our after-work dinner. I introduced him to my favorite Scallop Okowa Rice! We also shared a portion of Fried Softshell Crab.

In my honest opinion, Osaka Ohsho serves the best Gyoza in town! Do not miss out on their delicious Gyoza, as each piece tasted delightful. I think I will probably head down there for another meal again soon!

Recently, I picked up 2 set of Necklaces from The Stage Walk's website, and the delivery was prompt! The damage for each set was SGD9.90, and they looked great as an accompanying accesory to my everyday outfits! 

My lovely Mommy got me a pair of earrings, and they looked lovely. Thanks for the gift, Mom! 

I think I am overly crazy about earrings. I picked up about 20 pairs of earrings for myself, and these excluded the ones which were meant to be gifts for my friends and colleagues during my recent New York Trip! I was lucky to get this holder for free via the Carousell app. Thanks and I appreciate it much! 

At the same time, Baby also got me a rotating 4-tier earring holder, which consists of 192 holes in total!

Linda and I met up over for tea and finger food at Latulle Cafe, which is located at Wisma Atria! It is actually a fashion boutique, which also offers a full-service café within the store!. We shared some finger food such as Sweet Potatoes Fries and Battered Shrooms. All their tea selections are by Gryphon!

Recently, Linda and I attended the Meet & Greet Session with Dr Georgia Lee, the founder of DrGL at Sephora ION. This event also served as a celebration for the launch of DrGL Moisturiser Collagen Boost. She shared some tips with us to how to achieve flawless skin.

We were delighted to receive a goody bag filled up with DrGL's signature products. Thanks so much for the generous gift bag! 

ATOPALM REAL BARRIER is specially formulated for dry and sensitive skin types. It also contains hyaluronic acid that hydrates and comforts skin for long hours. I was happy to be selected by the company '0.8L Singapore' to do the review, and they sent me the ATOPALM REAL BARRIER Control-T Cleansing Foam directly from Korea! 

ATOPALM REAL BARRIER Control-T Cleansing Foam is a deep cleanser for oily skin types which lifts up impurities and removes excessive sebum. It leaves skin refreshed. It has become my daily regime, and all I need is just a moderate amount to cleanse my face. Once the product is applied on my face, it melts out any residue makeup and cleanses the face thoroughly in only a single step!

ATOPALM REAL BARRIER Control-T Cleansing Foam helps to repair the damaged 'skin barrier', as well as to firm up sagging skin at the same time. It penetrates deep inside the skin well without leaving a sticky or greasy feeling at all. 

Apart from the Control-T Cleansing Foam, ATOPALM REAL BARRIER also included some sample packs and a deluxe trial-size of Cream Cleansing Foam too! 

Thanks 0.8L Singapore once again for the product and I hope my mini review can help my friends and readers to understand the products better! Lastly, thanks for stopping by my space. 

I end my post with a simple random weekday cze-char dinner with Baby! I enjoyed our meal immensely - White Bee Hoon and Prawn Rolls! Simple = Happiness

Lastly, thanks Sweetie for the cute hairband! XOXO cheers! 

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

[product review] Back to basic with Althea’s Bare Essentials

I first started my collaboration with Althea Korea back in 2015, and during this journey, I've watched the brand grow from a one-stop online hub for Korean beauty products, to them now launching their very own products!
Now, Althea Korea is no longer just a online shopping website that offers Korean beauty fixes! They launched their very first own beauty product last year, the Althea Petal Velvet Powder.
After the successful launch of Althea's own beauty product, they are back again this year and have made a breakthrough by launching their own 'Bare Essentials' skincare range! These consist of 3 main key products which are normally used in one's daily skincare regime - Contour Cleanser, Prime Water, Fixer Cream.

The newly launched Althea’s Bare Essentials range embraces a minimalist concept, as the range focuses on utmost skincare fundamentals, as well as cutting out on complicated steps in one's daily skincare regime. These special formulated products give all the benefits of the infamous 10-step Korean skincare routine, which is now condensed into 3 quick and simple steps!

 It's time to get back to basics, as the popular adage goes, 'Less is more'! It is more time effective as compared to going through the many steps in the morning for just prepping the skin before application of make up. This allows me to laze in bed a little longer before having to wake up to go to work!
Althea reminds us not to neglect skincare as great make up starts with great skin! Althea's Bare Essentials narrows the complicated skincare routines to the 3 fundamental steps - Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing. Althea believes that these 3 straightforward products are sufficient enough to nourish our skin well. They deliver maximum results with minimum effort used! The packaging of the products remains as its motto - Simplicity.

Each product is formulated with effective ingredients. Let me introduce the steps to you. 
Althea Contour Cleanser (SGD8)
The Contour Cleanser is a foam cleanser which contains micro beads that gives an exfoliating effect, as well as to improve blood circulation. It also helps to reduce facial bloated-ness and to slim one's face, in order to achieve a more defined and slim facial shape!
Although it was hard to tell if my face got smaller through the slimming effects, one thing I can be sure of is that it was very moisturising and the texture was soft and smooth. I really loved how the product deeply cleansed without stripping off the moisture from my skin. Eventually, the whole process left my skin feeling clean, soft and free from experiencing any tautness.
Althea Primer Water (SGD14)
The Primer Water bears a smooth and silky texture that is much thicker than water. Nonetheless, it was absorbed quickly into my skin when applied. The product is formulated using patented dewdrop technology. It helps to minimise pores and provide intense hydration to your skin at the same time.
It can be used as a toner, but it can also serve as a pre-makeup primer. You can also clean hands to pat this product onto your face or by using the traditional method of using a facial cotton pad. Once the skin has absorbed the product, it will enhance the natural glow of the skin. It contains Snow Lotus extracts, which are packed with full of nourishing elements, that leave the skin perfect!
Althea Fixer Cream (SGD17)
Moisturisers are everywhere, but to find a particularly good one that can hydrate the skin without being too greasy is not a simple task. With Althea Fixer Cream's aid, it makes a it MUST-HAVE beauty fix for every female. It not only has the ability to provide the skin with a moisture boost for 24 hours, but it also locks in moisture into the deeper layer of one's skin.
Althea Fixer Cream contains Green Tea Seed Oil and Baobab Tree extracts which are powerful antioxidant ingredients that help to promote collagen re-generation. I really love the gentle texture which offers a light-weight feeling after application. The scent is fabulous too! To me, this is my favorite product of this range.

The products are pretty good as compared to those expensive skincare lines and the price of Althea's product will not burn a hole in your pocket! Apart from being affordable, Althea Korea also provides a special edition mirror and a generous number of trial packs in their beauty box as well. The samples definitely come in handy for my upcoming short trip! 

I hope you will love the products as much as I did. A toast to 'good skin days'! Do not hesitate, as these are fantastic products. If you want to get your hands on Althea's Bare Essentials, do consider getting the complete set, as it will entitle you to a 10% discount, as well as a complimentary beauty mirror.
You can now purchase the Althea's Bare Essentials on Althea Korea's Website

Saturday, April 14, 2018

[staycation] The Fullerton Bay Hotel - Bay View

I was extremely glad to be back at The Fullerton Bay Hotel to enjoy a one night stay at a Bay view room! Thanks so much to the hotel for this complimentary stay!

 Upon entering the room, we were amazed by the spacious and beautiful room which had a better view as compared to our previous room during our wedding solemnization day.

The Wi-Fi in the room was running TREMENDOUSLY FAST, and I enjoyed my dramas online without having any issues. 

The hotel provided TWG tea bags for their staying guests in the room, which were replenished daily! Naturally, we helped ourselves to the tea, and this went great with the Matcha Chocolate Wafers from Royce that was given to me as a gift from my ex-colleague, Lynn! 

I went over to the bathroom, and all toiletries they offered from Bottega Veneta. They were replenished daily as well! Apart from the toiletries, we also felt pampered by the other hotel amenities provided by the hotel too.

Thanks to my lovely Friend, Meryl who bought me a Lush bath bomb during her recent flight to Honolulu, Hawaii. I had a relaxing bathtub experience!

The Fullerton Bay Hotel provided a 24-hour service to make up the room, which means you can request for a clean up to the room at any time. They also provide green apples daily to their guests, and we received some chocolates after the room was made-up. We really felt pampered by the hotel during our stay. Thanks for pampering us with all these little actions. A little means so much!

Our stay was inclusive of breakfast, and I must say the spread was pretty good. Apart from the spread, you can make your orders at your table by looking through the menu that was provided.

We ordered a portion of Eggs Benedict, and a portion of Pancakes with Berries and Maple Syrup!

Sadly, we had to check out the next day, but amazingly we were given a late check out by the hotel upon request! The service provided by The Fullerton Bay Hotel was awesome, and we will be back again in the future during our anniversary! Thanks once again for making our stay a truly pleasurable one!